Inviting the world to see themselves through my eyes!

Be The Change

I wrote these words before they ever had a name

Before doctors could cure, and the famous found their fame

I wrote these words before I could even tell a lie

So I mean what i’m saying, and at my age I am wise

You may think I don’t know because I’m not a direct

But the murders and the tears, still have the same effect

For my brothers, my friends, and my son without a name

It’s time for this to stop because the pain remains the same

Be thoughtful my brothers, and take account for your life

Although you don’t see it now, one day you just might

This is an endless war that isn’t even yours

It belongs to God, as does the other senseless wars

Don’t kill off our race, don’t give up just yet

There are so many beautiful experiences you’ve not experienced yet

The burden is so sad, and that fear is so strong

Not wanting to be corny, but can’t we all just get along?

A five-mile span isn’t enough room for so much hate

Yet we cover these streets, and determine each other’s fate

When were we deemed to play God and have the final say

When only just a few years ago, you were young and just wanted to play

Look to your futures for once, and see something brighter

There’s definitely enough room to be a business world fighter

Be intelligent and strong, and leave the shooting for the gun range

Please believe that I’m sincere, Be a leader, Be the change!

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Invitation to my Author Page! xoxo

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Please, Don’t Shoot!

As I casually stroll down the street,
I stare up and into the sky.
I have no reason to be afraid right now,
No reason to ever wonder why.
My color is absolute,
Not by fault nor incident.
My black is beautiful,
Just take a look at my president.
Yet you stand here in front of me,
Weapons drawn, feet planted to the earth.
Telling me the definition of your truth,
That I’ve been wrong since the date of my birth.
Arms…hands, erect in the air,
And don’t I dare move.
Eye to eye we stare each other down,
I can’t take the mental abuse.
I’ve done nothing wrong, just walking home,
What’s the wrong in doing that?
Seems out of place…in this suburban neighborhood,
And all because … I’m black.
Black, yes I am!
But I am not a criminal.
I reserve the right to be wherever I am,
No matter the signs and subliminals.
Please, don’t shoot!
I want to live another day.
This is America right?
We shouldn’t be treated this way!

© 2014

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To Love & Die by Author Capri Antoinette – Releasing Soon!

Irene and Katrina were very bonded sisters growing up. They’d been through everything together, from being abandoned by their mother, not knowing who their father was, and being raised by their aging grandmother. When Irene moves away to begin her life, distance won’t be the only thing that will come between them. Irene’s dangerous relationship will open frightening doors for her. Will her strength and independence be enough to withstand what’s coming to her? Or is she too blinded by what she thinks is love?

Josh is Irene’s boyfriend; a mysterious man who has a problem with his self-control. He has a few secrets of his own that will either make or break him. He begins to discover some things about himself that may cause him to take matters into his own hands. And when that happens, secrets and lies will be revealed and will change his entire perspective on life.

Katrina is intelligent and cautious, but torn by heartache and abandonment. However, she has a sharp mind and is quick witted. She longs for her mother and tries to hold on to the distant memories she still has. And when her family begins holding back information when she asks questions, she’ll use her own resourcefulness to find the answers. But the question is, will she be able to handle the truth she’s stumbled onto?

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Author Quote

“When I sit down to write a book, I do not say to myself, ‘I am going to produce a work of art.’ I write it because there is some lie that I want to expose, some fact to which I want to draw attention, and my initial concern is to get a hearing.”
—George Orwell

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